ERGONORDIC Standing Desk
“Sitting at a desk all day has a serious detrimental effect on your health”
– Dr John Smith Royal Imperial Hospital London
The ERGONORDIC ‘standing desk’ was developed after years of experiencing poor office chairs and furniture, and testing alternative designs to provide a simple and affordable solutions to expensive non portable alternatives.


Crafted from premium quality Baltic Birch plywood and designed for strength, functionality, aesthetics and durability, the ‘standing desk’ provides a simple ergonomic solution to office or home computer working.

About Us
“Simplicity is the Key to Excellence”
ERGONORDIC is a small company who wishes to make office Life healthier by improving the working Environment. We are passionate about cleverly designed ergonomic furniture that combines maximum functionality with minimum fuss, using natural materials. A combination of Scandinavian iconic minimalistic design, combined with ergonomic working experience that is in touch with nature and the Environment.


The ‘standing desk’ shall shortly be joined by the ‘wobble stool’, which shall allow sitting or standing without any requirement for keyboard or screen height adjustment.


The ERGONORDIC range provides an effective ergonomic solution ​to office furniture that won’t break the bank, which is easily portable, suitable for use in the workplace or home, beneficial for overall health and posture, and can help increase life span as a result.

Health Benefits
“ERGONORDIC office furniture is beneficial for your health and can help boost productivity”
The human body is not designed for slouching in a rigid chair or hunching over a computer. Sitting for hours per week in front of a computer can lead to lower back and neck pain due to poor posture. U​sing the ERGONORDIC ‘standing desk’​ can help to substantially decrease lower back and neck pain.
  • Poor posture due to long term sitting effects wellbeing and productivity.
  • Standing can help to improve concentration and improve productivity as a result.
  • Improved blood circulation by increasing movement in the lower body, which allows increased blood flow to revitalise muscles.
  • Over the course of a year standing at your desk for 3 hours per day, 5 days a week, can use the same calories as running 10 Marathons!
The Design
“Good design is as little design as possible”
-Dieter Rams
The 10 Timeless Commandments for Good Design state that it must be innovative, makes a product useful, is aesthetic, makes a product understandable, is unobtrusive, is honest, is long-lasting, is thorough down to the last detail, is environmentally friendly and most importantly involves as little design as possible!
Easily assembled and disassembled with no special tools. Suitable for use on any stable table or flat Surface. Adhesive felt pads on bottom of legs prevent surface damage. The ERGONORDIC ‘standing desk’ has a small footprint and helps to free up available working desk space.
  • It is designed with aesthetics and functionality in mind, and is manufactured from natural products
  • Adjustable for monitor and keyboard height by changing position of shelves. 10 positions are available to allow the monitor to be at eye level and the keyboard positioned so as arms are at 90°.
  • Suitable for use with laptop or desk top computer and monitor with space for large keyboard, mouse and space ball. The shape of the keyboard shelve allows for left or right hand mouse positioning.
Designed to safely support up to 15kg load when all fittings are fully tightened. The desk provides a stable platform for monitor and keyboard.


For further information and setup please download the instructions booklet.

Assembled dimensions: 810mm wide x 500mm deep x 600mm high. Weight 6 Kg.
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